7 Things you need to know before buying a Wood Fired Hot Tub- HiddenONE Edition.

What is a woodfired hot tub?

A woodfired hot tub is the most cost efficient, sustainable and stress free way to relax and unwind. It requires no electricity and heats up quicker than the regular spa. Another plus, is the overall ambiance that is created, picture the hot steam coming off the water, the crackle of the fire as you lie back and relax and let all your worries of the day drift away.


1. How does a woodfired hot tub work?

Our exclusive range of woodfired hot tubs are extremely low maintenance and very easy to operate. The only material required to operate is wood. Simply place the wood into the top of the firebox, light a match and drop it down to start the fire. The fire will then heat the water, steam will start to rise and a light smoke will appear from the flue. 


2. What materials is the hot tub made of?

Our hot tubs are made from high quality materials, sourced from local trusted suppliers. The tub and framing are constructed of high grade stainless steel which is extremely hygienic. We offer multiple different cladding options and our team are always working tirelessly to come up with new and innovative options. 


3. What size tubs are available?

Our range currently includes our largest tub which seats 4 people. This tub is 2.2m (length) x 1.45m (width) x 1.025m (height). Our tubs have been engineered so that there is ample leg room and enough space to stretch out for ultimate relaxation. The team of experienced engineers are currently developing a smaller model which will seat 2 people, watch this space!


4. How much do the tubs weigh?

Our largest tub seats 4 people and weighs 250kg. The smaller model fits 2 people and the weight of the this tub is still to be determined.


5. Are they hard to maintain and up keep?

These hot tubs are very low maintenance. They do not require an experienced installer to install them. The set up is very simple, attach the flue and secure the bolts.  Due to the high quality stainless steel that is used to manufacture our tubs they are very easy to clean. Being wood fired there is also no jets, so there are no hard to reach places for germs and bacteria to grow. To clean the tub simply turn on the hose to empty the water and then use any cleaners or cloths that you prefer to clean then tub. Hose down and re fill.


6. What surface is needed for a hot tub?

A flat sturdy surface is required for the woodfired hot tub to be installed on. Gravel, grass and even decking is possible. Bearing in mind that your deck needs to be suitable and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the tub which is 250kg once filled with water.


7. Are they cost efficient to use?

Wood fired hot tubs are extremely cost efficient to operate, the only costs involved is the initial cost for the tub itself and then after that the cost of the firewood. No electricity means no stressing over big power bills.


Still have more questions about our exclusive range of wood fired hot tubs?

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